See how the llama came to be pizza.

Our Story.

We love what pizza does.

Since the dawn of pizza, people from all walks of life come together over the most favored and shareable of foods. The power of pizza is engagement of family, friends, and community. One slice at a time.

How Llama
Became Pizza

In 2013, Andrew Wilkinson (aka @FREEPZA) accepted responsibility of Pizza Chef for Baltimore based Llamadon Collective’s monthly self-titled music and art showcase. Each month he created new recipes and better methods for serving friends and concert attendees free pizza. Baked in a home oven at the infamous Bell Foundry, the pizzas continued to improve, but it wasn’t enough. This was the conception of PIZZA LLAMA

Andrew spent the next two years researching, studying, and testing his skills within pizza. In 2016, PIZZA LLAMA had officially launched; and began roaming Frederick, Baltimore, and everywhere in between. The story of PIZZA LLAMA will continue as our journey expands, grows and changes. The path to a perfect pizza is a never-ending service to one’s self and their fellow humans.

Naturally Leavened

We are committed to help build and sustain our local food system.

Our dough is naturally leavened by wild yeasts. This gives our crust a distinctly unique flavor, as well as providing a healthier product.

Get Lost In The Sauce.

A Fire That Keeps
On Burning.

Our oven can reach 900 degrees on an average day.

Our wood is the best kind of oak from Middletown, Maryland.

Blaze It.


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